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ISBN: 1874975086
Country: South Africa
Language: Zulu
Format: Softcover
Weight: 0.5000
Pages: 260
Size (mm): 240 x 170 x 15
Edition: First
Publication Date: 01-01-2003
Audience: isiZulu-speaking persons interested in gardening and wildife, educational establishments
Age Group: 15+

Bring Nature Back to your Garden - isiZulu

This version of BRING NATURE BACK, translated into isiZulu, is a useful edition for isiZulu speakers

Author: Charles and Julia Botha

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isiZulu Edition

This translation of the much acclaimed first edition of BRING NATURE BACK TO YOUR GARDEN is not only useful to gardeners, but also to isiZulu speaking conservationists and those with an interest in natural sciences. 

BUYISELA IMVELO ENGADINI provides, in non-scientific language, basic environmentally friendly gardening rules and explains all aspects of the benefits of indigenous vegetation. It puts urban ecology into perspective in a fun way, and helps the reader to understand how best to deal with the apparent challenges of nature in backyards. The book is enhanced by delightful humorous drawings that emphasise points made in the text.

Very reader friendly, it makes a wonderful gift for an isi Zulu speaking friend or colleague. To assist isiZulu speaking gardeners communicating with those who have not yet mastered isiZulu, the book lists the isiZulu names of a large number of indigenous plants opposite their English and Botanical equivalents.

In many respects this most informative book is a pioneering work, and speakers of other Nguni languages will also be able to enjoy using it, making it a valuable tool and reference for a large proportion of our country’s population.

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