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ISBN: 1-874975-14-0
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Format: Sotfcover
Weight: 0.2800
Pages: 124
Size (mm): 210 x 150 x 8
Edition: Second
Publication Date: 2012
Audience: gardeners, landscapers, Educational establishments
Age Group: 12+

Suburban Wildlife in KZN

This wonderfully informative and easy to read handbook is suitable for all ages.
You will not be disappointed with Suburban Wildlife in KZN.


Although this publication states “in KZN”, the creatures cover a vast area of SA.  Each page provides amazing insight to our common garden creatures – from the slimy slug to bees, snakes, frogs, spiders, Monkeys and so many more.  

In his Introduction, Dr Jason Londt states “Public education has always been a priority of mine during my career as a natural scientist. Over many years I have seen human populations mushroom and wilderness areas shrink.  There is no doubt that our precious biodiversity is under great threat and that only one thing can save it – a proper appreciation of its true value.  My hope is that people’s natural curiosity about animals that live in and around their homes will lead them to a much greater appreciation of the incredible heritage that we as South Africans possess, as well as a willingness to stand up for its proper protection and management.

In the first few pages you will find Shongololos:   Dr Jason Londt writes  “Everyone knows  shongololos, or millipedes as they are more widely known.  The Zulu name has a lovely African ring to it and I knew these creatures by that name long before I learnt the English one!“
Did you know “that the name millipede comes from the Latin words mille meaning a thousand and pedis meaning foot, and so the Afrikaans name of Duisendpoot is also a direct translation from Latin.”