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ISBN: 978-1-920217-35-8
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Format: Soft Cover
Weight: 750grams
Pages: 287
Size (mm): 170x244x17
Edition: 4th
Publication Date: 2020
Audience: Layman and specialist
Age Group: 15 years +

Guide to GRASSES of southern Africa

A practical book to guide and train people on the importance of grasses



A BRIZA Publication by AUTHOR: Frits van Oudtshoorn

The grass family, known as Poaceae, is probably the most important plant family on earth. Grasses were the first food plants to be cultivated by man, in particular, maize, wheat, rice and sugarcane. In addition to these grain grasses, forage grasses are the most important food source to farm and wild animals alike.

With over 1000 colour photographs,  Identification key, Full descriptions and illustrations of 320 of the most important grasses in southern Africa, Common and indigenous language names and Distribution maps, Distribution maps,  This 4th Revised Edition clearly illustrates that southern Africa (south of the Zambesi and Kunene Rivers) is well blessed with a wide variety of grasses. We have some of the best grazing grasses and many of our grasses are used as cultivated pastures all over the world. We also have some the of the best thatching grasses possible and many of our grasses are used for lawns and as ornamental grasses.  Of the almost 1000 species occurring in southern Africa, about one third is endemic to the region.

This book will be of interest to everyone interested in nature. It has been compiled with the lay person in mind, but is comprehensive enough to also provide the specialist with sufficient information.

It has been said that should all the plants of the earth disappear, and only grasses remain, man would be able to survive.  The purpose of this book, therefore, is to train people on an important subject with the aid of a practical book.