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ISBN: 9780620502962
Country: South Africa
Language: English
Format: Softcover
Weight: 0.1100
Pages: 146
Size (mm): 150 x 110 x 3
Edition: First
Publication Date: 22-07-2011
Audience: Beach lovers, fishing community, tourists, researchers, educational establishments
Age Group: 15+

The Beach Book

A useful and convenient pocket guide, ideal whilst walking on the beaches or rocks.


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The BEACH BOOK is an indispensable pocket guide, ideal for reference whist walking on the beach or rocks.

The Fore and Rear dune plants section will appeal particularly to those living just behind the dunes.  An array of flora from beach dune to coastal forest is depicted, enabling quick identification for rehabilitation and your dune garden.

No excuses now as you feast over the pages covering dune scrub, grasses, the colourful marguerite, vygies, gazania, creepers and the magnificent coastal aloes., Trees species include renowned Natal wild banana, the beautiful coast red-milkwood, the Natal guarrie and the lagoon hibiscus.

Seaweeds covers an exciting range found in the sub-tidal fringe (below low water spring tide), through lower, mid and upper Inter-tidal zones to high water spring tide.  The reproduction and uses of seaweeds isexplained as is the role of seaweeds in the marine environment.

Commonly found green, brown and red seaweeds are included.  There is no doubt that one will obtain great pleasure identifying seaweeds whilst balancing on the edge of a pool.