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 Welcome to Flora & Fauna Publications Trust

The Flora & Fauna Publications Trust (IT3437/1992) was established in 1992 to raise sponsorship for the publication of popular, authoritative, affordable books on the indigenous plants of KwaZulu-Natal & and Eastern Region, with the object of stimulating greater care, awareness and understanding of our exceptionally rich environment. In 2008 the trust was renamed The Flora & Fauna Publications Trust to enable research and publication on fauna so integral to our flora. The Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation with registration no. PBO930013629

The eastern region of South Africa is home to over 10000 species of plants, one of the richest floral regions in Africa. Within this region three centres of plant diversity (CODs) or ‘hot spots’ were identified in a world atlas published by IUCN in 1994: Maputaland, Pondoland and the Drakensberg Alpine regions. A COD is an area of global botanical importance with high diversity and large numbers of endemic or threatened species with social, economic, cultural or scientific importance.

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GN Bachmannia Woodii Four-finger bush Viervingerbos