Are you looking to create an indigenous garden in Vereeniging?

Are you looking to create an indigenous garden in Vereeniging?

According to recent studies, 82% of the global biomass is comprised of plant life. With this statistic in mind, it becomes increasingly obvious why conservation projects have become so important. It is essential for the preservation of flora and fauna in Vereeniging that as many people as possible utilise indigenous species in their gardens. Many people are overwhelmed when it comes to idea of creating an entirely indigenous garden environment, not knowing what indigenous means in their region or how to maintain these plants. Simultaneously, it can be incredibly difficult to know where to purchase these indigenous species in your area. In Vereeniging, there are a variety of nurseries that specialise and promote indigenous gardening. These stores will not only have the correct plants species but also be able to adequately guide you in the process of growing your indigenous garden.

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Why is it important to plant indigenous species in Vereeniging?

Flora and fauna are essential elements in any natural environment. As much as flora and fauna are heavily dependent on each other to exist, both are also paramount for human kind to survive and flourish. Planting indigenous is a fantastic way to reintroduce both flora and fauna in Vereeniging. South Africa is home to an abundance of plant species and one of the major contributors to the global ecology, hosting 10% of all global plant species. With this, stems an abundance of conservation initiatives to ensure that the country’s natural ecosystems continue to prosper. Introducing native plants will not only improve the environment in Vereeniging, these plants are actually substantially easier to maintain. Native plants flourish in their home environments: optimal rainfall, ideal sunshine and temperatures as well as adequate soil conditions and nutrients. As these plants are reintroduced into their designated regions, all species will begin to return.

Why introduce all species back the into your garden? 

South Africa houses some of the largest indices of biodiversity in the world, including a large number of endemic species. Fauna and flora rely on each other in all respective ecosystems in Vereeniging. Much like flora, fauna plays a substantial role in creating harmonious and healthy environments. Not only are fauna species essential in a flourishing indigenous garden, reintroducing fauna species such as insects, butterflies and bees can have a pleasing aesthetic effect.

Charles and Julia Botha: Bring Nature Back to your Garden

It can be overwhelming to consider reintroducing indigenous species into your garden! However, there is a substantial amount of resources and materials available to the public in order to help make this process easier. Professionals such as Charles and Julia Botha are highly informed authors with regards to nature and indigenous gardening. Amongst their  acclaimed published works is their popular book: Bring Nature Back to your Garden. A guide that is all about equipping you with the proper tools to bring nature back into your garden space and to keep it there.

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