What is FLORA & FAUNA in South Africa?

Southern Africa is home to a variety of plant, insect and animal species. From the east to west, north to south, the country has some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Although people have been studying all this plant and animal life for decades, there is still a lot to learn and a lot to understand about how flora and fauna co-exist in South Africa.

There is much speculation about the origin of the term fauna. Although little is known about the word, fauna acts as an umbrella term for all of the animal life found in a particular region at a particular time. Unlike fauna, the origin of the term flora is widely understood to come from the Latin “goddess of the flower”. Therefore, the term flora can be understood as an umbrella designation for all native, indigenous plants found in a specific region. There is a massive amount of diverse flora and fauna in the South Africa region, much of which is still yet to be discovered.

Why is FLORA & FAUNA important?

All flora and fauna in South Africa are essential to the ecosystem. In our everyday life, we rely on them for food, shelter, oxygen, medicine and much more. Over and above providing basic necessities for human life, flora and fauna are essential for other reasons as well:


More than being an integralcomponent of all life on earth, flora and fauna contributes to much of the beauty that we find in and around nature. These plant and animal species afford people a sense of pride and home when they are in South Africa. People will visit several game reserves, parks, forests, botanical gardens or go on hikes simply to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. These are some good examples that show the significance of flora and fauna as a source of joy and entertainment in our lives.

Local Economy

As much as locals in South Africa will take pride in the natural species found in the region, the aesthetic beauty and wonder of flora and fauna in a specific region can bring in people from around the world. With this, we can see how flora and fauna can encourage tourists in South Africa and help strengthen the local economy.

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Where can I find information about FLORA & FAUNA in South Africa?

There is so much information about flora and fauna in South Africa and there is always new information being released. Expert authors are writing about how to start an indigenous garden and about identifying butterflies & birds in northern KZN

Having access to reliable information about the flora & fauna of a specific region is very important especially if one is looking to introduce more indigenous species into the area. It is important to know what to plant in your indigenous garden, where to find these plants, how to plant them and what species are not indigenous to the South Africa area.

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