What to know before starting an indigenous garden in Salt Rock.

What to know before starting an indigenous garden in Salt Rock.

Starting an indigenous garden can be very rewarding. It can bring about all kinds of biodiversity in plant, bird and insect species, not to mention the extensive environmental benefits to your region and the planet as a whole. Here are a few things to consider when thinking of starting an indigenous garden in Salt Rock.

What is an indigenous garden?

It is difficult to define an indigenous garden. The simplest explanation would be a garden that has no exotic plant species whatsoever. However, completely ridding a garden of all exotic species can be a difficult task for many. The most important step in achieving an indigenous garden is attempting to remove the invasive exotic species from a garden. When removing the invasive exotic species and introducing the indigenous species, it will introduce small birds and insects. All very important when starting your indigenous garden in Salt Rock.

Find out more here: (link to https://www.floratrust.co.za/creating-indigenous-gardens/)

How to plan an indigenous garden

It is important to have a plan when starting an indigenous garden. Having a plan can mean visiting other indigenous gardens in Salt Rock, or finding online platforms to help with inspiration for indigenous planting.

Indigenous nurseries near me?

Another important consideration before starting an indigenous garden is to know how and where to access the indigenous plant species? It is very easy to become overwhelmed when searching for an indigenous plant species that would best suit your garden in Salt Rock. It is also very easy to become overwhelmed when trying to pair different plant species together. Indigenous nurseries will be able to help with this; they can identify plant species that are compatible and will not overwhelm each other.  Indigenous nurseries are a great source of inspiration and the people that work there can offer all kinds of advice for indigenous planting.

See nurseries in your area: (link to https://www.floratrust.co.za/indigenous-nurseries/)

Refer to the professionals

Feeling overwhelmed when gardening in Salt Rock is normal, especially when trying to find indigenous species for your garden. An easy way to combat this stress is to refer to the professionals. If you are in doubt about indigenous plants in Salt Rock, there are a number of indigenous plant publications and websites where information can be found.

Flora & Fauna Publications Trust

Speaking of indigenous plant publications and sustainable gardening ideas, Flora & Fauna publications have been a trusted source for reliable indigenous species information for over a decade. It was the goal of the authors and trustees to raise awareness and stimulate greater care for the diverse plant and insect species in Southern African regions including Salt Rock. This Public Benefit Organisation is committed to publishing important information about flora and fauna that is so important to our ecosystem. Refer to these experts for all of your indigenous species in Salt Rock concerns and questions!

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